About the GrupoNogar

The basic principles GrupoNogar are continuous dedication and customer orientation.

The GrupoNogar was founded by Ceferino Nogueira Rodríguez in 1957. After more than half a century dedicated to port logistics and trade, the GrupoNogar is still an entirely family-run organization that operates with support from a group of fine professionals with extensive experience in trade and maritime logistics. This places us in a privileged position when it comes to serving our clients and working with our collaborators.

The GrupoNogar upholds its basic principles through the continuous dedication and customer orientation, where the experience of its founders and the driving force and professional expertise of the newly incorporated generations contribute to the evolution its main asset: a spirit of service.

International expansion and the search for new business ventures, always hand in hand with our partners and friends, have been constant factors over the course of these decades of growth.