Founded by Ceferino Nogueira in 1957
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More than 60 years with a spirit of service

From Galicia to international expansion

Ceferino Nogueira Rodriguez began his entrepreneurial activities in 1942 in Puentecesures (Pontevedra). In 1957, he also set up for business in the Port of Marín, laying the foundations of what we know today as the GrupoNogar.

After more than sixty years of dedication to the port and logistics sector and to trade, the GrupoNogar is still an entirely family-run organization that has teamed up with a group of fine professionals with extensive experience in trade and maritime logistics. This places us in a privileged position when it comes to serving our clients and working with our collaborators.

At the GrupoNogar, our main guiding principle is dedication to our customers, and thus, by combining the experience of our founders and the driving force of the current team of professionals, we successfully embody our main value: a spirit of service.

International expansion and the search for new business ventures, always hand in hand with our partners and friends, have been constant factors over the course of these decades of growth.

The beginnings

In 1942, Mr. Ceferino Nogueira Rodríguez took his first steps as a professional in the timber trade, offering services in the small fluvial port of Puentecesures. In the late 1950’s he set up for business in the Port of Marín, in Pontevedra, where he began to offer maritime agency services, and thus the GrupoNogar began to take shape. In the 1960’s, the Group showed a clear maritime vocation, with the creation of Naviera Mogor with its fleet of then twelve merchant vessels and with the acquisition of the Marín shipyards.

Commerce and growth

In the 1970’s, several companies were set up to operate in the port logistics sector and to provide transport services. In addition, the Group exported high volumes of cement to Algeria and Nigeria and began intensive real estate development. In the 1980’s GrupoNogar became the largest importer and marketer of hardwoods in Spain with support from its own shipping company, which managed these maritime transports.

Grupo Nogar años 70-80
International expansion

In the 1990’s, our port logistics business grew vigorously, expanding its operations to new ports in Galicia and Brazil. In 1998, together with our partners, we founded the Paranaguá Container Terminal in Brazil, which later became the second largest container terminal in South America. In this period we began to diversify into refrigerated storage services, acquiring an interest in the company Protea, a trendsetter in this field, together with our subsidiary Frigalsa, in the Port of Vigo.

Agricultural Sector and Renewable Energies

Over the course these years, we have made a strong commitment to the agricultural sector in Galicia, investing in the company Extrunoga, which produces animal feed components and has achieved important new developments in R+D and innovation. During this period we also started with the development and generation of renewable energies, attaining a production of more than 600MW of wind energy in Brazil, as well as hydropower plants and a biogas plant. In the commercial sphere, in Sao Paolo we set up the headquarters of Nogartel, a technology firm dedicated to the management and control of transport fleets in Brazil.

Our Present and Future

In recent years we set up for business in neighboring Portugal, in the Port of Viana do Castelo, where we have initiated a series of investments in logistics assets. In Peru, after a lengthy competition, we were awarded the public tender for the reconstruction and management for 30 years of the port of Pisco in Paracas, through the Port of Paracas (PoP) – Pisco, which includes an operative container terminal as well as handling of and commerce in all types of goods.